Corporate Member Visa Program | 美国商会签证“绿色通道”

AmCham Visa Q&A


AmCham Visa Green Channel


AmCham’s Visa Channel provides direct staff of AmCham Southwest’s Corporate Members with convenient and efficient visa interview appointments, as authorized by the Consulate General of the United States.

To Contact AmCham Visa Green Channel,

please call (+86) 28-8526 8763,

or email

  •   Corporate Member staff may expedite their visa interview appointment time
  •   Shortened time for visa processing
  •   Higher passing rate for eligible applicants

Qualifications for Visa Green Channel:

  •   Must be direct staff of an AmCham Corporate Member
  •   Travel and training in the United States must be for business purposes

1.      Non-immigrant Visa (B-visa, L-Visa) Application Information

Please fill in the Non-immigrant Visa Application Form (DS-160 Form) at the following website:

 2.      Fee Payment

All applicants must register at or by calling The U.S. Visa Application Center. Without proper registration, applicants cannot pay the visa application fee or make a visa interview appointment. After registration, applicants will receive a Reference Number which will be used to identify their payment. Applicants can pay the visa application fee with a debit card at any China Citic Bank ATM, or at China Citic Bank’s bank counter with cash.

NoteThe Visa Application Fee will be valid one workday after the payment.

Contacting The Visa Application Center (The U.S. Visa Service Center): Please call 6273 6100. Dial extension number 1211 to switch to staff service.

3. Modifying Visa Information

If you want to modify your visa information such as Date of Birth, Name, Passport Number, etc. before the visa interview, please log in to and click “Provide Feedback” to provide your comments and a scanned copy of your passport. Your request will be processed within 3 to 7 workdays.

4. Visa Appointment Times

Please prepare all your visa appointment materials at least 2-3 months in advance. Fill in your AmCham Visa Application Form and send it at least 1-2 weeks in advance. Please schedule your visa appointment for a regular working day during the U.S. Consulate’s open hours. The Consulate is not open on Chinese and U.S. public holidays.

  • L Visa: Every Tuesday starting at 8:15 AM
  • B Visa: Every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday starting at 10 AM
  • J Visa: Every Friday starting at 11:15 AM (for this visa type, please inform AmCham at least 2 weeks in advance)

If circumstances dictate, you may change your interview time up to 3 days before your interview; once within 3 days of your interview, the time cannot be changed.

Attention: If you already successfully made a visa appointment by yourself, please log into to cancel the appointment and then send another copy of the Visa Application Form to AmCham.

5. Material Required for Visa Interview

 5.1 Documents

  •   Print one DS-160 Visa Confirmation Letter
  •   Petition Letter from your company
  •   Your original passport (the latest one). Please ensure that your passport will be valid for 6 months before your return to China.
  •   Valid ID card
  •   Two U.S. passport-sized photos
  •   Travel itinerary while in the U.S.
  •   One English resume

Please print your Chinese and English resumes clearly and completely. Your resume should include your entire educational background after high school and your work experience, generally as follows:

Major    School Name     Degree Obtained        From XXXX to XXXX

Position    Company Name    Job Description      From XXXX to XXXX

5.2 Photograph Requirements:

  •   In color
  •   Sized such that the head is between 1 inch and 1 3/8 inches (22 mm and 35 mm) or 50% and 69% of the image’s total height from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head. View the Photo Composition Template for more size requirement details.
  •   Taken within the last 6 months to reflect your current appearance
  •   Taken in front of a plain white or off-white background
  •   Taken in full-face view directly facing the camera
  •   With a neutral facial expression and both eyes open
  •   Taken in clothing that you normally wear on a daily basis
  •   Uniforms should not be worn in your photo, except religious clothing that is worn daily.
  •   Do not wear a hat or head covering that obscures the hair or hairline, unless worn daily for a religious purpose. Your full face must be visible, and the head covering must not cast any shadows on your face.
  •   Headphones, wireless hands-free devices, or similar items are not acceptable in your photo.
  •   If you normally wear glasses (without tinted lenses), a hearing device, or similar articles, they may be worn in your photo.
  •   Dark glasses or glasses with tinted lenses are not acceptable.
  •   Glare on glasses is not acceptable in your photo. Glare can be avoided with a slight downward tilt of the glasses or by removing the glasses or by turning off the camera flash.

Note: Please do not insert anything into your passport, such as photos, ID cards, clips, used flight tickets and so on.


5.3 Supplementary Materials:

In addition to the above materials, applicants may also bring other documents to prove their economic and social status as well as family relationships.

For example, Personal Information (Residence Booklet, Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate of your child, family photo and so on); Property and Income Certification (Income Certificate, Movable and Immovable Property Certificate, Certificate of Bank Savings and so on).

If the applicant has been abroad, he or she can bring the passport from that time or photos taken abroad for better demonstration.

6. About the Visa Interview

The Visa Officer will inform the applicant of the result of the visa interview immediately. If the applicant passed the visa interview, the Visa Officer will issue the applicant a white note. If the applicant fails the visa interview, the Visa Officer will issue the applicant a green note. Once the applicant has passed his or her interview, the applicant can pick up his or her visa at the appointed China Citic bank after 3 to 10 days.

7. On Delivery

If the applicant picks up his or her Visa at the China Citic Bank in person, the applicant must bring along his or her original ID card and the Passing Notice issued from the U.S. Consulate General.

If the applicant authorizes another person to pick up the visa, the trustee must bring a letter of authorization from the visa applicant, a copy of the applicant’s ID card, as well as the trustee’s original ID Card as well as the passing notice.




美商会签证绿色通道联系电话: (+86) 28-8526 8763 



  •   美资会员的直属员工能够缩短面签预约时间
  •   在更短的时间内能够拿到签证
  •   能够享受非常高的签证通过率


  •   必须是美国商会会员中的美资会员公司
  •   以商业为目的的出差、学习和培训


1.  非移民签证(即B类、L类签证)申请步骤指南:


2.  缴纳签证申请



预约中心联系电话(美国签证服务联系电话):6273,6100 按1,2,1,1 可转人工服务

3. 修改签证信息


4. 签证预约时间

请您至少提前2-3个月准备面签所需材料,如各项证明材料等;并提前1-2周填写美商会Visa Application Form(签证申请表格)并发送至。美国领事馆开放时间为除中美公共休假日外的正常工作日,请根据其安排好您的面签时间。






5. 面签所需资料:

5.1 文件:

  •    打印一份美商会预约面试确认邮件DS-160确认页打印件
  •    公司派遣函
  •    护照原件 (新旧护照) 请保证你的护照在返程时仍有6个月的有效期。
  •    身份证原件
  •    2张签证专用照片
  •    赴美的行程安排。
  •    一份英文简历 (Resume)

简历要求有申请人高中毕业后的所有教育背景和工作经历, 大致格式如下:

XXXX年-XXXX年      学校名称       获得的学位         所学专业

XXXX年-XXXX年  单位/公司名称    具体职位/职务     工作职责描述


5.2 签证照片要求:

  •   尺寸为2×2英寸(50×50毫米)
  •   摄于最近6个月内的高质量、无边框的彩色照片(数码照片必须高清晰看不见像素颗粒)
  •   正面,露出整个面部。“正面”照片指你拍照时正对照相机。你不能向下看也不能斜视。如果你出于宗教信仰的原因佩戴头巾或帽子,你可以继续佩戴头巾或帽子,但是头巾或帽子不能遮掩你面部的任何部分。你的发际(额头)和耳朵必须显露出来。
  •   你的头部必须居于照片的正中。你的头部(从头顶至下颌)在1英寸至1又3/8英寸之间(即25毫米至35毫米),眼睛到照片底部的距离为1又1/8英寸至1又3/8英寸(即28毫米至35毫米)。
  •   太阳镜、眼镜或其他装饰品遮挡了面部,将不予接受。
  •   通过数码方式修改过的照片不予接受。(包括对照片色彩及背景图案的修改。焦距未对准的、用气笔修正过的、或其他不够标准的照片概不接受)
  •   集体照不予接受。

注意:请勿在护照中夹带任何其他物件, 包括照片,身份证,回形针,使用过的机票等。


5.3 补充材料:


比如:个人资料 (户口簿、结婚证、孩子的出生证、家庭合照等家庭成员关系证明), 财产证明(收入证明、房动产和不动产证等产证明、银行存款证明)。

另外, 如果申请人曾去过美国或其他国家,请带上出国时的护照和出国照片为证。


6.  关于面签



7. 关于取件