Update | AmCham Southwest Call for Donations to Fight COVID-19

Dear AmCham members and friends,


During this time of crisis, everyone is looking to do what they can to help. This takes many forms. Hospital workers are the most visible, as they face the threat of becoming infected themselves as they save others. Some of us are helping simply by encouraging others to keep vigilant about social distancing and offering words of hope and optimism. For those members who would like to make a financial contribution, AmCham has made arrangements through a local NGO in order to facilitate paymentuntil this Wed, April 29, 2020. 

These funds will be used to purchase personal protective equipment (PPE) here in China and shiped to pro bono to the San Francisco Chinese Hospital in the U.S. to help ensure doctors, nurses, patients and other staff are protected as possible as from COVID-19. Based in San Francisco, Chinese Hospital is a non-profit community hospital offering a wide range of medical, surgical, and specialty care to a multicultural community.

Chinese Hospital, a community-owned, not-for-profit organization, exists primarily to deliver quality health care in a cost effective way, responsive to the community’s ethnic and cultural uniqueness, providing access to health care and acceptability to all socioeconomic levels. Chinese Hospital is committed to improving community access to a quality, culturally sensitive and affordable healthcare delivery system which is dedicated to improving community health status, promoting preventive practices and wellness, and providing coordinated and appropriate health care services.

Also known as the “People’s Hospital,” Chinese Hospital has grown from its roots as the three-room Tung Wah dispensary founded in 1899 to become a highly regarded community hospital, serving a Chinese a population that is mostly low-income, monolingual and elderly. However, the hospital welcomes patients from a diverse set of ethnicities and a broad range of socio-economic groups. In addition to the hospital’s acute care and emergency facilities it also supports multiple community-based clinics, continuing the outreach that has been a hallmark of the hospital’s mission and ethos for many years. (More information about the SFCH, please check:  

https://www.chinesehospital-sf.org/)Donations will be consolidated, so even small contributions are welcome.

Time is critical. Whatever we do we need to do it now. AmCham Southwest is co-organizing with AmCham Shanghai and working with a member company to fly cargo to the US, but we will not control the schedule. To make a donation by Alipay, WeChat Pay or bank card and more information on this initiative, please email: 

vanilla@amcham-southwest.org or call: 028-85268761For your reference, the donation has collected 51,000 RMB so far.

Our goal, through this initiative and others, is to get as much PPE as possible into the hands of those who need it. Members have been tremendously helpful and supportive. Thank you.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Southwest China

April 23rd, 2020