Upcoming Event: 2017 American Independence Day Celebration

AmCham Southwest will hold its American Independence Day Celebration on July 2nd, 2017. This celebration is annually the largest, most influential, and most international event hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce in Chengdu.


This is the event of the year, with attendees ranging from CEOs, Consulate officers, senior managers from Fortune 500, to expats and their families, locals, etc. There will be incredible entertainment and food, as well as an on-site lotto with gifts priced at over 500,000 RMB. Don’t miss out on the year’s most fun-filled day and the high-end networking opportunities it affords you.

Another way to participate in our event is to become a sponsor. Here are a few benefits of sponsorship:

  • Over 10,000 prominent guests were invited, signifying the importance of the company brand names
  • Over 1,500 guests will be present, boosting the company’s brand image, and providing opportunities to gain new clients
  • Generate more than RMB 1 million in advertising value and increase the popularity of the company’s brand among the event’s high end customers

For more information on the different opportunities to sponsor, follow the link below.










  • 超过10000人士的城中名流收到邀请函,极大提升参与公司的品牌在高端人群中的知名度
  • 超过1500名高端人士莅临现场,有效地提升品牌形象,并且在极大程度上贮备有效客户
  • 提升品牌在精准定位的中高端客户群里的知名度,创造至少超过100万的广告价值
  • 体验该活动带来的时尚生活,高端交流、社交平台
  • 现场超过50w的抽奖礼品赠送
  • 参与人群:各大外国领事馆官员、中国政府官员、500强企业高管、白领、外籍人士及其家人、本地知名人士、年轻时尚人群等等