The “White Paper”

White Paper  American Business in China

Written cooperatively with AmCham Beijing, Shanghai, and South China, this annual publication is the most important policy review for foreign businesses in China. The substantial book offers a ‘on the ground’ outline, the state of business environments for U.S. companies operating in China’s various industries.As the chief lobbying tool for the chambers, it reports on WTO implementation, IPR protections, anti-trust, regulations, and policy recommendations from separate industries and regions in China. We aim to represent all members and make is a unified voice for American business in China. The White Paper is presented to high-level government officials throughout China and America and is a valuable tool in spurring positive economic relations between the two countries. AmCham Southwest annually contributes chapters discussing developments in Chengdu and Chongqing and meets with high-level government officials in both cities to follow up on the progress of member recommendations.