2015 Membership Directory Registration Form







–     会员企业名单,以及商业、政府、社区等联络资源

–     300余家美商会会员企业的详细信息

–     领事馆、相关商业组织、慈善事业、西南地区酒店以及更多单位的名单(中英双语)


希望您在2015年4月30日之前将附件的会员目录登记表填好并和贵司最新logo发到: amcham@amchamsouth-west.org


Dear AmCham Friends,


The American Chamber of Commerce in Southwest China is now finalizing our 2015 Membership Directory for publication at the end of May. This directory is an invaluable resource for our members that links the Chengdu Business community together by providing:

-Listings of our member companies, as well as business, government, and community resources.

-Details for over 300 AmCham member companies.

-Comprehensive listings, both in English and Chinese, of consulates, related business organizations, charities, hotels in Southwest China, and much more.


The guide will be on the desktops of our member companies and partner organizations all year long and will provide your company with exposure to many of the top businesses in China’s Southwest Region. With thousands of copies set for print, the directory will be a key reference point for visiting trade delegations, Chinese companies seeking partnerships, and foreign companies seeking to expand their networks.


Please fill the attached membership registration form and send it back to us before end of April with your updated logo to: amcham@amcham-southwest.org

2015美商会会员目录登记表模版 2015 AmCham Directory