Thanks Letter for 2014 ABE Christmas Party


Dear AmCham Members & Friends,

On Saturday December 13th, the American Chamber of Commerce in Southwest China, the British Chamber of Commerce in China Southwest and the European Chamber of Commerce in China Southwest Chapter brought together over 400 distinguished guests at the Ritz-Carlton Chengdu for the 2014 ABE Annual Charity Christmas Party. Business owners, government officials, business leaders, Consul Generals and other distinguished guests gathered for an evening of great food, entertaining performances, and holiday cheer. It was a joyous, relaxed evening that brought together some of Chengdu’s most influential figures. One-hundred percent of the event’s proceeds were donated to the Chinese Relief and Development Foundation, which focuses on providing opportunities and support to disadvantaged children in China.


The event, as a whole, was undoubtedly a success. Attendees enjoyed each others’ fine company, making new connections and greeting familiar faces, while later on a variety of traditional and modern musical and dance performances entertained the audience as they ate and drank. Attendees were at their most attentive, of course, as the lucky draw raffle prizes were being announced and drawn. The prizes, which were donated by our generous members and sponsors ranged from expensive bottles of alcohol signed by famous athletes to international airline vouchers. Most importantly, a great amount of money was raised for a great cause.

本次晚会圆满成功,到场嘉宾既享受了和老朋友的欢聚,又有机会结识新的朋友,而且在享受美酒佳肴的同时更是欣赏了各种传统和现代、国内和国外的歌舞表演。在现场的几轮幸运抽奖更是高潮迭起,赚足了嘉宾的眼球。抽奖的奖品都是由慷慨的会员和赞助商提供,既有贝克汉姆签名的威士忌,又有国际往返机票和其它精美的礼物。但最为重要的是, 本次晚会为慈善事业筹得了许多善款。

Thank you to all our members and guests. Here AmCham also would like to acknowledge our sponsors:



冠名赞助商 Title sponsor


成都锦宏商务旅游汽车租赁公司(Jinhong Vehicle Rental Co. Ltd. )


现金赞助 Cash sponsor


中德安联人寿保险有限公司四川分公司 Allianz China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Sichuan Branch

扶轮社 Rotary Club of Chengdu

花样年·隆堡成都酒店 Rhombus Fantasia Chengdu Hotel

兴高置业成都 Cheers Properties

Come to Chengdu网站: 您的官方旅行指南Come to Chengdu

四川省宏图圣达出入境服务有限公司 Sichuan Hongtu Shengda Overseas Affairs Service Co.,LTD

通译翻译 TongYi Translation

联合利华饮食策划 Unilever Food Solutions


场地赞助商 Venue Sponsor


丽思卡尔顿酒店 The Ritz-Carlton Chengdu




帝亚吉欧洋酒集团 Diageo


媒体支持 Media


兴高成都 Cheers Chengdu

我爱成都杂志 MORE Magazine Chengdu

四川电视台 Sichuan TV

西部外商 West China Foreign Investor Magazine


头奖赞助商 Lucky Draw Top Prize


国泰及港龙航空 Cathay Pacific Airways and Dragon Airlines

丽思卡尔顿酒店 The Ritz-Carlton Chengdu

成都尼依格罗酒店 Niccolo Chengdu

花样年·隆堡成都酒店Rhombus Fantasia Chengdu Hotel

青城山六善酒店 Six Senses

瑞泰口腔 Rytime Dental


幸运抽奖 Lucky Draw


高新皇冠假日酒店 Crowne Plaza Chendu West

总府皇冠假日酒店 Crowne Plaza Chengdu City Centre

四川省科技扶贫基金 CRDF

瑞典布鲁雅尔空气净化器 Blue Air

环球成都医疗中心 Global Doctor

中德安联人寿保险有限公司四川分公司 Allianz China Life Insurance Co.Ltd.Sichuan Branch

汉吟教育信息咨询有限公司 Hanyin Education Consulting

重庆洲际酒店 Intercontinental Chongqing

懒巴哥西餐厅 The Lazy Pug


酩悦轩尼诗帝亚吉欧洋酒(上海)有限公司 Moet Hennessy Diageo

成都亚非牙科有限公司 YaFei Dental

易储安自助仓储. Self Storage Chengdu


拍卖奖品 Auction Prizes


Janina Lorelei Simion

安东尼奥 Antonio Wehrli


礼品赞助 Gifts


百汇医疗 Parkway Health

中德安联人寿保险有限公司四川分公司Allianz China Life Insurance Co.Ltd.Sichuan Branch

乐盟国际学校 Leman International School

啤酒窝酒吧/餐吧Beer Nest 1&2


礼品袋赞助 Gift Bags


中德安联人寿保险有限公司四川分公司Allianz China Life Insurance Co.,Ltd. Sichuan Branch

成都宋庆龄国际幼儿园 Song Chin Ling International Kindergarten Chengdu


表演赞助 Entertainment


成都国际学校 CIDS

美国舞邦国际舞蹈培训 Sinostage Entertainment Company

Nina Lorelei Simion

大番茄俱乐部 Funkid Club

金苹果学前教育集团 Golden Apple Preschool Education Group

江安县怡乐镇中心学校 Jiangan Yi Le County School

牛津国际公学成都学校 The Oxford International College of Chengdu

金苹果 Golden Apple

卡奇亚 KA QI YA

成都烈马美式橄榄球啦啦队 Chengdu mustangs American football cheerleaders team


审计及印刷 Audit Partner & Printing


毕马威企业咨询(中国)有限公司成都分公司 KPMG

博腾电子科技 Proton