Safe Drinking Water public welfare project at Lizi Village, Nanjiang County

Donation: 40,000RMB

I Project Summary

  1. Project Purpose: Protect source of drinking water, ensure drinking water safety of villagers.
  2. Project Content: Build reservoir, duct and cleaning-up of surrounding environment at water source, thereby protects local drinking water sources to improve drinking water condition of peasants.
  3. Project Site: Lizi Village, Zhengzhi Town, Nanjiang County, Sichuan Province.
  4. Project Budget: ¥94,000 (RMB)


II Project Background

Zhengzhi Town is deep inside Daba Mountain of Nanjiang County, a National Government designed poor county. Because of its location deep inside a big mountain, transportation there is very inconvenient. Villagers’ income depends on produces from limited agricultural land, hence economic condition there is poor. Based on villages’ feedback and on-site observation, water resource of the village is running low, and lacks necessary protection. There is even pig farms upstream causing damage and health hazard.


III Project Purpose

Through construction of reservoir and duct system at Lizi Village, water resource and water transportation would be protected from external contamination and drinking water condition for villagers would be improved. Water from source flow into reservoir will be purified and filtered thereby providing clean drinking water for villagers.


IV Project Plan

  1. Function of reservoir: in addition to isolate water source from external contamination, it also can hold extra water during flood season. It can also collect rain-water from rain, thus villagers will have more source of water.
  2. CRDF invites professional reservoir builder to inspect the site, to design reservoir construction plan. Villagers volunteer to participate in labour work for reservoir construction.
  3. Clean-up surrounding environment of water source.


V Project Budget: ¥94,000RMB

Cost of reservoir construction and clean-up of surrounding environment: ¥80,000RMB

Labour cost: ¥14,000RMB


VI Water quality monitoring

CRDF hires professional staff to test water quality before and after construction works. In cast water quality does not meet standard, CRDF will hire professional staff to deal with it to ensure safe drinking water for villagers.


VII Garbage removal

  1. Educate villagers in collection and removal of garbage.
  2. Set-up garbage collection and removal stations.


Chinese Relief & Development Foundation

February 21, 2015


Appendix. Fund Application Letter:


American Chamber of Commerce in Southwest China

We intend to raise money for a Safe Drinking Water Charity Project to help the villagers in Lizi Villiage, Zhengzhi Township, Nanjiang County solve drinking water problems. According to our investigations and budget plans, the minimum amount required to finance the project is 88,000.00 yuan. We held our Fifth Anniversary Charity Gala on October 30, 2015 in order to raise money for this Drinking Water Project, and so far we have raised around 47,929.00 RMB. During the gala, we received funds from three sources: 11,999 RMB from selling raffle tickets during the charity gala, of which 90% (10,799 RMB) will be used in the project; 11,255 RMB from on-site charity auction and donations, of which 90% (10,130 RMB) will be used in the Drinking Water Project; and 27,000.00 RMB donated by LMK THERMOSE LTD, of which 100% will be used in the project. The 3 above payments total 47,929.00 RMB. However, the Drinking Water Project will require an additional 40,071.00 RMB. We would like to apply for 40,000.00 RMB in charity funds from AmCham. On behalf of the villagers in Lizi Village, Chinese Relief & Development Foundation would like to express heartfelt thanks for your kind contributions! We also sincerely invite AmCham to attend the project’s inauguration ceremony!

Best Regards!

Chinese Relief & Development Foundation

Dec. 7, 2015