Questionnaire|Factors Influencing Hospital Choice in Chengdu

Dear AmCham Members and Friends, 

AmCham Southwest sincerely invites foreigners and your foreign friends to fill out a questionnaire on “Factors Influencing Hospital Choice in Chengdu” issued by the member company – AIDI Eye Hospital. We would like to know your selection process when choosing a hospital, so as to further understand more details, including when to choose a doctor, how to choose a doctor, what type of hospitals are preferred, factors affecting the choice of hospitals, difficulties encountered in choosing a hospital, etc.

The questionnaire has been supported by Gleneagles Hospital and LAOWAI Here, and the final result will be handed in relevant government departments as a credible reference, hoping to contribute to the improvement of medical services for foreigners in Chengdu and the establishment of Chengdu as an international city. Meanwhile, a professional team will provide a report based on the collected information, which will be shared to our member company. 

Please scan the QR code or click ‘Read More’ to get the questionnaire which can be completed by 5:00 pm, next Tuesday, 3rd March, 2020. All information will be treated as highly confidential and will only be used for internal research. It will only take a few minutes to finish, and your feedback will be a tremendous help to us. Thanks for your time and feedback.