New Member Introduction | Meishan California Smart Town Investment&Development Co,. Ltd.

(I) Project Overview

Meishan California Smart City, located at Tianfu New Area (Meishan), boasts a construction area of about 530 acres and a gross floor area approximating 3.5 million square meters. It is adjacent to Tianfu Avenue, the traffic artery of Chengdu City, and 45 kilometres away from Tianfu Square and 18 kilometres from Xinglong Lake. Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, Tianfu International Airport and Chengdu East Railway Station also fall within its one-hour economic circle.

Meishan California Smart City is the fruit of friendly exchanges between Sichuan Province and the State of California. It is a key project supported by CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee and Sichuan Provincial People’s Government, as well as a bridgehead for Meishan City to implement the strategy of “Opening-up Development Demonstration City of the Chengdu Metropolitan Economic Zone”. Jointly developed by COFCO, a state-owned fortune 500 global company, and Meishan California Smart Town Investment and Development Co., Ltd., the project is built with a vision to be a Clean Energy Smart City inspired by California’s elements, creating a “California” in Meishan.

(II) Industries

Focusing on energy storage, the advanced technology in the global clean energy industry, great efforts are being made to develop five core technological industries, including mechanical energy storage, electrical energy storage, electrochemical energy storage (such as lithium), thermal energy storage and chemical energy storage (such as hydrogen energy). Associated industries such as raw materials, core devices, system integration and energy internet are explored as well. Relying on the extended industries like next generation information technology, artificial intelligence, and intelligent manufacturing, etc., and supported by relative industries for lifecycle services, a new-type of smart city featuring clean energy and Californian elements is to be created.

(III) City Positioning

Upholding the purpose of “creating the city by forming an industrial cluster, gathering talents by establishing a city and developing industries by attracting talents”, Meishan California Smart City is designed to be a model of “smart city empowered by clean energy”, and a perfect place for business, living, education and tourism. Meishan California Smart City will cooperate with global elites, and strive to be a benchmark for international innovation cooperation. It will be built as a clean energy smart city, and an epitome of Sino-US cooperation between Sichuan and California.

(IV) Professional Talents Advantages

Sichuan, a province with the fourth largest population in China, is home to over one hundred institutions of higher education and more than ten million technical talents. There are 1.5 million undergraduate students at regular institutions of higher learning, and 102,000 graduate students province-wide. More than 30,000 talents graduate from key universities like Sichuan University, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Southwest Jiaotong University, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, and Sichuan Agricultural University. Sichuan also has a Chengdu branch of the Chinese Academy of Science and 8 other affiliated units.

(V) Policy Advantages

Enterprises in Meishan California Smart City can enjoy preferential policies of the Development of China’s Western Region, Tianfu New Area and Meishan City, as well as customised and targeted preferential measures. Enterprises can receive considerable support for development (see details in “Collection of Preferential Policies for Domestic/Foreign Enterprises’ Development”).

(VI) Target Enterprises

With energy storage technology as the core, four ecosystems in accordance with the ecological value, including the core ecosystem, associated ecosystem, extended ecosystem and ecosystem services, are arranged in a reasonable structure. Enterprises in Meishan California Smart City can develop harmoniously and result in synergistic effect. That being the case, great values are created and industrial upgrades are realised.