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Event Review

On August 7th, 2020, AmCham Southwest Friday Biz-Chat II was successfully held in Tianfu Square Serviced Suites by Lanson Place. The seminar attracted active participation of top executives from dozens of member companies and well-known local enterprises in real estate, trade, medical, education, service & consulting and hospitality. Companies including Chengdu Hugh Mesibov Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Sinostage Entertainment Company, Gleneagles Chengdu Hospital, Chengdu Zefengxing Business Information Consulting Company, Global Doctor, Huanglong Valley, CAIRE Medical Technology (Chengdu) Co., Ltd., Sichuan INGIA Biosynthetic Technology Co., Ltd. and Tianfu Square Serviced Suites by Lanson Place participated in the seminar.

First, representatives from all the companies took turns to share with us the company’s latest business dynamic, upstream and downstream docking demands and pain points and problems they encountered lately, which effectively promoted the communication between companies, unblocked business information, and facilitated companies to strengthen their weaknesses, expand customer reserves and seek long-term development.

After determined their stances, representatives selected their group leaders who were also the final debaters in the next debating session. Mr. Liu Yunlong from Sinostage Entertainment Company and Mr. Chen Mingyi from Global Doctor led their group members to dissect and discuss about the topic “Whether live streaming is a panacea for economic recovery or just a by-product in the pandemic?”  Participants presented arguments and supporting cases from the perspective of their own industries. The atmosphere on the scene was active and guests came up with various points. The group leader was responsible for sorting out arguments of all group members, clearing up their thoughts, and putting forward his own views and summarizing the group’s views in the final debate. During the 15-minute free discussion, dozens of guests from different industries put forward well-grounded, logical and multi-angle views, demonstrating the possibility of cross-industry exchanges. The main arguments of the pros and cons are as follows:

01-Overview of pro’s arguments

The positive side saw live streaming as a panacea for economic recovery.

Ms. Alina from CAIRE Medical Technology (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. believed that the entry threshold of live streaming industry was low and there were no geographical restrictions. The convenient and fast network can connect anchors and consumers around the world, and online communication can better ensure the safety of people during the epidemic. Sunny Guo from Gleneagles Chengdu Hospital proposed that live streaming, this new industry, could bring more job opportunities, inject new vitality into the economic recovery during the epidemic and improve the employment rate. Chen Mingyi, expert from Global Doctor, took a live broadcast he participated in recently as an example to illustrate that live streaming was a very efficient sales model with features such as wide coverage, strong science popularization, high interactivity and low cost, and was of great benefit to brand building and corporate image building.

02-Overview of con’s arguments

The negative side regarded live streaming as a by-product of the pandemic.

Ms. Gao Xiaoying from Chengdu Hugh Mesibov Culture Communication Co., Ltd. pointed out that one of the major defects of live streaming industry lay in after-sales — fake goods were everywhere, and who will protect the rights and interests of consumers? Also taking her personal experience as an example, Ms. Wu Xue from Sinostage Entertainment Company pointed out that the cost of live streaming industry was actually high in the operation session. Small anchors were not influential enough, and big anchors or celebrities had strong ability to sell goods indeed but with high cost to invite. Ms. Judy from Chengdu Zefengxing Business Information Consulting Company pointed out that the live streaming industry was targeted at specific industries, and its audience was limited. Education, clothing, FMCG, wash and toiletries were easy to get on the fast train of the live streaming economy, but the benefits of industries such as healthcare might not be very considerable.

In the last part of the activity, Mr. Chen Mingyi, expert from Global Doctor, shared with the guests scientific tips of skin care. He also brought the professional dermoscopy examination to the guests. Everyone fully agreed to Mr. Chen Mingyi’s sharing, and this seminar also ended smoothly in a happy atmosphere.

Friday Biz-Chat II helped us realize that taking the initiative to seek changes, making up weakness, unblocking business information, integrating resources cross industries and expanding customer reserve are effective ways for companies to seek long-term development and reverse the economic downtrend in the second half of the year. Just like the idea “To connect is to upvalue, to share is to gain” delivered by the AmCham Southwest Friday Biz-Chat, we hope to build a bridge for companies to communicate with each other in the same and different industries, meet companies’ demands efficiently and promote collaborative development.


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