Event Review | AmCham 【Seminar Series】 Business Communication Training Camp

In May 2020, AmCham Southwest joined hands with G-MEO successfully holding the “Seminar Series – Business Communication Training Camp”. The camp attracted members and friends from EOG Resources, Cummins Chongqing, M Moser, INGIA, Sunels, QL Heat Energy US LLC, Unigroup and etc.
This series of course is specially designed by Doctor Andy, a professional negotiator who has years of work experience at the OECD, focusing on the confusions and pain points of businessmen on interpersonal & business communication. Doctor Andy used three courses to effectively and comprehensively promote learners’ communication skills in paper writing, team work, verbal communication, presentation and so on.
This three weeks’ course is comprised of pragmatic online courses and community reinforcement activities which ran through the whole course and made all students surrounded by a learning atmosphere. Before the course, TA from G-MEO sent relative learning materials into the WeChat group to help students to better understand waht the professor would teach. In the course, Professor Andy combined the knowledge with interactions, creating the practice and speaking opportunities for learners and making sure they are making good use of what they’ve leant. When the course was over, TA from G-MEO sent vocabulary cards for learners to review what they’ve learnt in time pockets.
The well-designed courses by Doctor Andy, guidance and help by G-MEO and participations from all learners brought a success and good reputation to this camp. Later, AmCham will continually bring pragmatic courses for our members and friends, please stay tuned.