Event Review | AmCham【Seminar Series】Business Writing Training Camp

In July 2020, AmCham Southwest joined hands again with G-MEO and successfully held the “Seminar Series – Business Writing Training Camp”. Tailored for white-collar workers with intercultural communication requirements, this series of course lasted for four days and was designed by Doctor Andy, a professional negotiator who has years of work experience at the OECD, focusing on the confusions of businessmen on interpersonal & business writing, thus attracted members and friends to actively participate. Doctor Andy used four courses to effectively promote learners’ writing skills, including the quick switch to English writing thinking logic, proper usage of English to express various sentence patterns, good knowledge of English text structures and different types of English writing.

This four-week course was comprised of pragmatic online courses and community reinforcement activities which ran through the whole course and allow students to fully immerse in learning. Before the course, TA from G-MEO sent writing tips with examples into the WeChat group to help students to accumulate and imitate. During the course, Professor Andy combined writing patterns and real case analysis so that the students can learn and practice more and improve their thinking ability of English writing. When the course was over, Professor Andy commented one to one on the students’ homework online, aiming to help students put what they had learned into practice and truly improve their writing skills in the workplace.

At the end of the class, Professor Andy presented Certificates of Completion to the students, and top students also got a dedicated prize from G-MEO. The well-designed courses by Professor Andy, guidance and help by G-MEO and participations from all learners brought success and good reputation to this camp. Later, AmCham will continually bring pragmatic courses for our members and friends, please stay tuned.