Event Review|AmCham Friday Biz-Chat I

Event Review

On July 10th, 2020, AmCham Southwest successfully held the AmCham Friday Biz-Chat I at Grand Hyatt Chengdu. The seminar aims at bridging cross-industry companies and promoting sustainable development under an economic downturn through sharing the latest business condition, pain-point diagnosis, and communication needs. Senior managers, white-collar workers, and foreign businesspeople from over 10 AmCham member companies and local well-known enterprises, covering a variety of industries attended the seminar, including Technology, Retail, Real State, Healthcare, Education, Service Consultation (Human Resource & Law & Visiting), Trading, Hotel, etc.

At the beginning of this seminar, representatives from each company made a sharing centering on three major topics – the latest business activities, upstream & downstream company communication needs, and pain points they encounter under epidemic. The sharing is well-illustrated and sticks to the theme, combines substantial content with adequate humor, which efficiently promotes inter-company communication and understanding, boosts inter-industry business information exchanging and lays the foundation for further developing long-run, high-quality and in-depth stable cooperative relationship.
During the mid-session networking, all guests voted for the TOP2 sharers, who were going to be the leaders of each group and make a remark in the case discussion session. Mr. Yang Xinyi, sales director from our diamond sponsor Huanglong valley, and Ms. Lin Meng, Sichuan Henghexin Law Firm International Law Department Deputy Director earned their places with extraordinary appeal and eloquence.
Then, the two leaders, along with their group partners, started on analyzing their cases given. The guests sat around and brought forward their own opinions from different professional and industry perspectives. The discussion went on heated with diverse ideas crashing and accreting. Meanwhile, those opinions are absorbed, combed, and integrated by the team leaders to prepare for the presentation. During the short 15-minute discussion period, dozens of guests from different industries cooperated with each other and demonstrated their professional, well-founded, dialectical thought, which becomes a shining case of seeking a way out in a hard time through cross-industry cooperation. The highlight points of their sharing are as follows:


Mr. Yang’s analysis of GREE case​

Mr. Yang from the first group presented an analysis of GREE’s case – GREE masks went from being all the rage to forgotten in 50 days. As for GREE’s problems like rigid pricing and mask demand upgrading, he thought out of the box, brought forward an opinion that those problems are not solely problems. He believes that many aspects need consideration when it comes to the rationality of a business decision. In this particular case, GREE seized the opportunity at a critical time and successfully created its IP – both corporate and personal. Although GREE now faces a bunch of problems such as lack of long-run planning, it can seek its way out through M&A transactions and export of medical supplies to which epidemic situation still in great uncertainty. Currently, sales of GREE masks are not in line with its production capability, but it has shown its social responsibility as a corporation and its vision of seizing opportunities, which shows the rationality of this business decision.


Ms. Lin’s analysis of YOUWIN case

Ms. Lin from the second group presented an analysis of YOUWIN Education. As for YOUWIN Education adopting radical self-rescue movements in epidemic time, which gave rise to consequences including back pay, lay off, all-staff sales transition, she pointed out there are three major problems facing YOUWIN Education: the high cost (huge offline operating scale), low return (poor foundation of online education, hardship in transformation and irrationality in course design), and no quality assurance(franchise as its major pattern). She argued that “asset-light” might be the future focus of YOUWIN Education, while human (teachers) cost should be a top priority. She also mentioned that the business model from one of our present companies – STY Education – might worth learning from, cooperating with schools and lending learning sites there to cut down costs. Meanwhile, she shared some hot legal knowledge these days, including salary payment issues, labor contract issues, employment termination issues when external conditions subject to unexpected changes. Her presentation combined great insight with simple demonstration, which benefited the audience a lot.
In the last session, technicians from Beijing Hecheng-Nuoxin Technology Co., Ltd shared some rarely-known hidden functions of IOS to all attendees, who found it really fascinating and surprising. The joyful phenomenon lasted until the end of the seminar.
 Friday Biz-Chat I affirmed again that when enterprises subject to great pressure from the economic downturn and challenges in production, operation and work resumption, exchanging business information, integrating cross-industry resources, and promoting cross-field communication and cooperation, are critical pathways for enterprises to seek long-term development. The value of Friday Biz-chat lies in bridging companies from the same or different industries, matching communication needs so that we can come through a hard time hand in hand and wait in hope for better days.

Stay tuned for upcoming sessions of AmCham Friday Biz-Chat!

Company Profiles

The profiles of Friday Biz-Chat I participants are listed in alphabetical order.

Beijing Hecheng-Nuoxin Technology Co., Ltd 
Beijing Hecheng-Nuoxin Technology Co., Ltd. was officially registered in September 2012, with a registered capital of 30 million yuan. It belongs to Hanlinhui, a subsidiary of the TCL group. At present, there are 5 Enterprise Solution Centers, 53 APR stores, and 5 campus Education stores in China. As the authorized distributor and service provider of Apple, we focus on providing technical service support of Apple’s whole life cycle for enterprise customers and provide professional application solutions for industry users, and we are committed to becoming Apple experts around customers.
Chengdu Baoyuanhang BMW Automobile Sales & Service Co., Ltd
CHENGDU BAOYUANHANG BMW EXPERIENCE CENTER is a BMW 5S dealer store owned by TORO GROUP. We are the first BMW authorized dealer in Chengdu and have the full range models of BMW, integrated car exhibition, motor experience, and digital office and after-sale service. The store is located in Maoye Center, the South of Chengdu, this area has a lot of foot traffic. The opening hour is 8:00-22:00, full-day BMW car service.
Grand Hyatt Chengdu
Grand Hyatt Chengdu is situated on historical Chunxi Road – a famous commercial road with an over 100-year history in Chengdu. Neighboring with stylish Tai Koo Li and traditional landmark – Kuanzhai Alleys, the hotel is a new fashion landmark in the city center with inspirational architectural design of France. With easy access to business hubs and abundant garden spaces surrounded by elegant entertainment and leisure venues, the hotel is ideal for both business and leisure travelers to explore the city brimming with a memorable experience.
Huanglong ValleyHuanglong Valley, jointly built by Youpindao and Shanghai Forte Group, is a city-level, high-end, and low-density ecological zone, featuring urban-area location and splendid natural landscape.

Huanglong Valley is located in the southern extension line of Jiannan Avenue, with a site area of about 3.3 square kilometers. Situated in the Meishan region of Tianfu New District, it is an unlimited-purchase area rarely found in the district.In 2020, adhering to the development concept of “Natural, Ecological and Quality”, we launched the bird-view cozy residence – the Sky Island. West Phase II (Sky Island) covers an area of 47,000 square meters, along with a total building area of 154,000 square meters, floor area ratio of 2.5%, and green space rate of 38%. We take a “landscape courtyard” as design philosophy to create a unique modern garden landscape through the combination of ecology and culture.

Following the idea of “human-nature mutualism”, we join hands with globe-renowned planning, architecture and landscape institutions to “hide” the lake and mountain in the south of Tianfu City, 规划、建筑、景观机构,在天府城南,与城市共藏一座湖山,开启成都高端人居新版图。

LAOWAI HERE is Southwest China’s first comprehensive foreign talent human resources platform.Founded in 2014 by an international team with varied in-depth knowledge and industry experience, Laowai Here is committed to providing professional HR services for China-based organizations. Laowai Here’s services include overseas talent headhunting, international talent job fairs, industry-specialized recruitment and management consultancy, and more.

Since becoming a key provider of international staffing solutions within China, Laowai Here has accumulated a sophisticated talent pool of over 100,000 international talents across the globe. Laowai Here has successfully placed exceptional international talents across numerous industries, from IT to education, consumer electronics, manufacturing, and other fields. Laowai Here’s unique development has attracted in-depth reports from nearly 100 Chinese and foreign media agencies, including CCTV, Xinhua News Agency, and China Daily.

Medebound LLC.
Medebound was established and headquartered in New York. The Board of Directors consists of highly influential senior executives and experts in the field of healthcare, including Dr. Connolly, the former President of New York Medical College(the nation’s second-largest private medical college), Mr. Castle, a trustee of five different hospitals in the metropolitan New York region, including New York-Presbyterian Hospital, and Dr. White, a medial professor at Harvard Medical School, and Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Emeritus, of Philips Home Healthcare Business (a business unit with $5B valuation) and Dr. Liu, a physician by training and Ph.D. of Medical Informatics at Columbia, and the former director of informatics at a Fortune 500 firm. Our execution team aspires to bridge the connection between Eastern and Western medicine by providing patients in China with access to the best medical minds in the United States.Based on our multi-year experience in teleconsultation and concierge medicine, we have also obtained the privilege to access the best domestic physicians in the top Chinese hospitals, including but not limited to the Top 3 hospitals in China. We have leveraged this resource to extend our business to domestic teleconsultation and medical concierge service within China.

Moon Store Technology
KIM, it means KEEP IN MEMORY. We are the world’s first high-tech jeweler to combine blockchain technology with traditional customized jewelry. KIM gives each jewel its own unique trace at the beginning of its life to truly realize the eternal inheritance of jewelry. The glory of every gemstone was born from the most stringent selection and cutting standards.The unique KIM mark gives jewel owners a clearer understanding of the materials, origin, and sentiment of their jewels online. At the same time, the story carried by the jewel is constantly updated. After updating and confirmation, information on jewelry with the KIM mark cannot be tampered with by anyone. When you give the jewelry to your loved ones or descendants, they will still find the story of its wearer through the unique KIM mark. Using blockchain technology, KIM has realized the true eternal inheritance of jewelry.

Sichuan Cohesion Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd.
Sichuan Cohesion Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the import of quality goods. The name of our company is taken from Zuo Zongtang’s famous saying: “Make the best wishes, tie the middle fate, and enjoy the lower blessings; choose the high place to stand, find the flat place to live, and walk towards to the wide place.”Members of our company’s core team personally go to the manufacturers to find quality products. At present, we have represented nearly 30 products from 6 breweries and 2 distilleries, including Belgian craft beer, whiskey, and gin.

We are not only committed to providing customers with high-quality goods but also looking forward to sharing the concept and way of quality life.

We hope to develop together with the American Chamber of Commerce and its members.

Sichuan Henghexin Law Firm
Founded in 2001, Sichuan Henghexin Law firm is a forward-looking, full-service law firm. With the approval of the Department of Justice of Sichuan, the Firm has changed to “Specialized General Partnership”. We believe in the concept “persistently upholding the law and harmoniously believing in the law”, and strives to provide “professional, responsible, valuable, and diligent” services. The firm has more than 200 lawyers and staff and a first-class working place occupying 4000 square meters. Some lawyers have educational experiences in the United States and Europe,and some are qualified as certified public accountants, certified tax agents, land appraisers, certified real estate appraisers, patent and trademark agents, etc. The firm has been awarded national, provincial, and municipal “Excellent Law Firm” for many times, and our lawyers also hold significant positions in provincial and municipal law associations and other social organizations and professional institutions.Henghexin specializes in providing groundbreaking legal services in government counseling, corporate merger and acquisition, banking and securities, private equity, real estate, infrastructure construction, investment and financing, cross-border solutions, intellectual property, contract counseling, etc. In order to provide best services and meet the high standard of our clients, our lawyers always work as one team to take the best advantages of our resources and intelligence and

Sichuan STY International Education Co., Ltd.
STY International Education is a comprehensive education company committed to introducing exceptional American education resources and platforms while combining advanced American educational concepts and teaching methods according to the actual situations that Chinese students are experiencing by implementing foreign and Chinese courses and utilizing education experts that work in unison to seek out a professional education class curriculum that is suitable for Chinese children. Our business scope covers a series of English-related projects: Early Childhood Education, English curriculum development, school-enterprise English K-12 curriculum cooperation, foreign teacher placement, international TESOL training and certification, study tours/study abroad experiences, and study abroad services.
Sunels International Inc.
Sunels International Group Inc. (Sunels Group) is a business consulting group established in 2000 in New Jersey, USA, with branch offices in Beijing, Chengdu and Nantong, China, as well as in San Francisco and Toronto.Over the past decade, Sunels Group has developed into a comprehensive international business exchange service group company by providing an extensive sphere of services, such as international exchange visits and conferences, domestic and overseas training, American school application services and educational consulting, business investment, as well as tour group hosting, etc. We firmly believe that there are great unrealized potentials for business exchange and cooperation between China and the world. We are dedicated to working jointly with our partners and clients to bring them into realization.