Event Report: April 1, 2013. US-ASIA 89th Congressional Staff Delegation

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On a Monday afternoon at the newly built 中海 China Overseas International Center, AmCham hosted the US-ASIA Institute’s 89th Congressional Staff Delegation to China.  The delegation consisted of 11 US Congressional staff from a variety of different departments and backgrounds.  There were over 40 attendees including several AmCham Board of Governors.

The delegation members and US-ASIA each introduced themselves before casually speaking with each of our attending m embers.  Chengdu was the last stop on the delegation’s trip to China before flying back to Washington DC.

To find out more about the US-ASIA Institute, please visit their website: http://usasiainstitute.org/about/

The 89th US Congressional Delegation Members:
Ms. Jamie Boone BIONDI, Mr. Matthew (Matt) BORMET, Mr. Benjamin (Ben) BRANCH, Mr. Thomas A. (Tom) CROSSON, Mr. Cory C. HORTON, Mr. Jacob “Jack” LANGER, Mr. Eric LOVE, Mr. Ian RINEHART, Mr. Keith STUDDARD, Ms. Mary Elizabeth TAYLOR, Ms. Adrienne WATSON

US-Asia Institute
Mr. Norman LAU KEE, Esq., Mr. Davis “Lucky” LAI

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