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Work with High-efficiency

On March 25th, 2020, AmCham Southwest, joined hands with Liberedit Management Consulting Co., Ltd, successfully held the online training “Work with High-efficiency” which attracted many member compaines and friends, including  Metlife, Student Educare Inc., EOG Resources, Synnex, UniGroup Worldwide, Cunmins, etc. 

Joseph Ma, the former AmCham Southwest Officer, partner of Liberedit Management Consulting Co., Ltd, on the topic of how to improve working efficiency during the epidemic, explained how to turn the crisis into an opportunity in this special time. Firstly, he analyzed objectively the problems and challenges some companies faced. Later, he proposed many methods to achieve higher individual productivity, such as improving self-discipline so as to higher working efficiency, reinforcing crisis and post-crisis management, etc. At the end of the training, Joseph Ma interacted actively with audiences, and conducted in-depth discussions on individual cases.


Key Points of Legal Risks of Mask Export Trade during the COVID-19 Epidemic

On March 27th, 2020AmCham Southwest, joined hands with Chongqing Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment and ZHONG HAO Law Firm, successfully held the online training “Key Points of Legal Risks of Mask Export Trade during the COVID-19 Epidemic”. It attracted many AmCham members to participate, including Gleneagles Hospital, 3M, Sichuan INGIA Biosynthetic Technology,  O2Micro, Sunels Group,etc.

Attorney Zheng Yi, Vice Chairman of Zhonghao Law Firm, Chairman of AmCham Southwest Chongqing Organizing Committee, and Director of the Belt & Road legal service research center of Chongqing Lawyers Association, on the topic of mask export trade during the COVID-19 epidemic, explained the basic requirements for mask export business and legal basis of international trade contracts. First of all, Attorney Zheng reminded us  that we should  take a reasonable look at the export business of masks. Next, taking EU and the US as examples, Zheng analyzed the important notes and specific procedures for acquiring the certification from the destination country when conducting mask export trade. In the end, he shared some practical cases, so as to help the audience’s better understanding of the course.

Thanks for the great support of ZHONG HAO Law  Firm  and  Liberedit Management Consulting Company as well as AmCham members and friends. AmCham Southwest has launched “Online Training”, hoping to provide a platform for everyone to share information and conmmunicate with industry experts through online training.

In the coming weeks, AmCham would like to hold more professional online training, involving finance, business English, laws and regulations,etc. Welcome everyone to focus on our Official WeChat account-Online  Training and look forward to your participation.

To expand a real-time interaction channel between member companies and friends,  AmCham WeChat Official Account has launched a free service “About Us-Online Training” for member companies. Members and subscribes can click the picture above to know more about the function of this column or can contact AmCham Southwest office through Tel: 028-85268762 or E-mail: tips@amchamsouthwest.org.