Donation Updating on controlling 2019-nCoV of AmCham Members|Fighting Against 2019-nCoV, We Will Never Stop

It is the critical moment of fighting against 2019-nCoV outbreak. The whole society and even the world has provided their coordination, support and assistant. Confronted with the outbreak, people stay at home coordinately, workers step to frontlines firmly as well as companies rearrange their workers and schedule, collect and donate needed goods and money to back up this campaign proactively.
As a part of the society and world, AmCham Southwest Member Companies shoulder social responsibility initiatively, supporting this battle in all aspects.
Following list of in-kind and cash donations from AmCham Southwest member companies (the list is arranged based on companies’ initial) have contributed to assist controlling novel coronavirus outbreak.(Updated Part)
1.During the Spring Festival vacation, 3M has arranged all inventories and donated needed goods valued more than 7 million RMB to Wuhan.
2.On February 20th, AIDI Eye Hospital has donated 2,000 eyedrops to relief medical personnel from asthenopia. 
3.On February 14th, Briggs & Stratton has donated pressure washers to assist six hospitals to clean ambulances, floors and roads.
4.February 3rd, Chengdu Angle Women’s & Children’s Hospital has donated more than 12 thousand medical masks and 240 3M9210N95 medical masks to Chengdu Tianfu New District Management Committee to assist primary-level personnel who’s working for fighting against 2019-nCoV. Besides, it has also donated 12 thousand surgical masks and 480 3M9210N95 medical masks to Chengdu Public Health Clinical Medical Center to assist medical care personnel.
5.Changan Ford has donated 2 million RMB to assist overcome 2019-nCoV outbreak.
6.Till February 10th, Coca Cola China has donated 4.5 million RMB in total and more than 0.9 million bottles of drinking water to back up fighting against 2019-nCoV.
7.American time February 10th, Coca Cola Foundation has donated medical goods valued 0.5 million USD after donated 0.5 million USD in cash in January to assist China fighting against 2019-nCoV.
8.Till February 4th, COFCO has donated 752 million RMB in total to back up fighting against 2019-nCoV.
9.On February 13th, COFCO Coco Cola Sichuan employees have donated more than 251,372 RMB to show their support and till February 6th it has donated 76,569 bottles of drinking water in total to frontlines.
10.During January 30th to February 20th, FedEx has conveyed 8 batchs of needed goods from America to China for free to back up frontlines.
11.February 9th, Kohler has donated 800 masks to Chongqing Fanghua Hospital to back up its logistic work. Meanwhile, authorized by artist Huang Zhongqi, Kohler uploaded his solo exhibition (Click the title, and watch the exhibition) on its WeChat Official Account to express sorrow for the sufferings as well as respect to the frontline heroes. 
Sources: Provided by Member Companies

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