Donation Updating on controlling 2019-nCoV of AmCham Members|Fighting Against 2019-nCoV, Escalating Warm

Since later February, more good news has been launched on fighting against COVID-19. However, it does not reduce AmCham SW member companies’ passions as a backer to shoulder social responsibilities.

Except for donations of cash, medical equipment and protective goods, AmCham SW member companies have sent necessities including towels and coffees to frontlines, bringing great love to back this fight.

Following list of in-kind and cash donations and actions from AmCham Southwest member companies (the list is arranged based on companies‘ initial) have contributed to assist controlling novel coronavirus outbreak. (Updated Part)

1.On February 10th, Chevron has donated 2 million RMB to assist China controlling the 2019-nCoV outbreak.

2.On February 13th, Citigroup has donated 0.25 million USD to back up China fighting against 2019 novel coronavirus. Besides, Citigroup has also established green channels to assist related companies in donations, maintenance of routine and economic recovery from the outbreak and has exempted the donations related commissions.

3.KOHLER has raised and sent 3,000 medical masks to first-line workers in the epidemic-resistant areas of Shanghai North High-tech Service Industry Park as well as established 139 temperature measurement lots to back the controlling work in the park. Besides, KOHLER has sent gifts including towels and Kohler drip coffees to thousands of medical staff in Chongqing Yubei District People’s Hospital.

4.On February 24th, United Airlines has announced to donate needed invasive ventilators to 11 hospitals in Hubei to back up the controlling work against the COVID-19 outbreak.

Sources:Provided by Member Companies  

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