Big Love 

Donation: 50,000RMB

Established in 1988, the American Chamber of Commerce in Southwest China is a non-partisan, non-profit organization. Until now, AmCham has contributed to charities for over 20 years. We have sponsored schools, senior houses and orphanages, and we also has dozens of cooperation programs with the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, The Red Cross, and earthquake relief organizations. AmCham will always hold fast to the corporate social responsibility, going all out to help the harmonious development of Southwestern China.

At the beginning of 2015, through Big Love Fund, AmCham got to know that many children have to study in a cold and dilapidated classroom in the remoted Laiwu Primary School. When we first saw pictures recording those children’ eager eyes toward knowledge while they shivering in the cold classroom, we decided to wholeheartedly help these kids.

Before the Renovation

Dilapidated buildings leaked everywhere, the only hardware that can be seen was a blackboard and a few terrible tables. The windows were almost all broken, unable to provide the students a comfortable place to study.


Broken Windows:biglove2

Shabby Desks:biglove3

Leaking Roof:biglove4



During The Renovation

Laiwu primary school takes on a new look after the innovation. We not only repaired the dilapidated walls, windows and roof, but purchased new desks and other stationeries for the kids. Because Yi Nationality abunds in Laiwu Village, we also add a sense of Yi culture in the renovation of Laiwu Primary school, hoping give students a sense of belonging.

Repairing the window:



Purchasing New Desks:biglove9

Repairing Roof:biglove12


Repairing and Repainting Walls:



After The Renovation:


The Laiwu Primary School has opened in this September,providing the kids with a safe and comfortable place to study.

If AmCham’s charity career can be compared to a long march, the renovation of Laiwu Primary School project in 2015 is only a little step that we’ve made. With the belief of contributing to society, together with our over 300 members, AmCham hopes to continue our sincere contribution to the development of southwestern China. If you are also interested in this, please contact AmCham.