Business Writing Training Camp


How to accurately deliver the message, express your views, and to make effective communication through business writing in English?
AmCham Southwest, partnered with G-MEO, plans to hold the Business Writing Training Camp, which is designed by professor Dr. Andy Guth. Dr. Andy Guth once worked in the United Nations and fully experienced in negotiations, he will give formal instruction on how to effectively communicate in English. This Camp aims at correcting your business writing in a professional way in order to avoid the misunderstanding caused by ambiguity in English writing, so as to help you improve four skills listed below:

  • Quick switch to English writing logic
  • Authentically express various sentence patterns
  • Fully grasp the English structure and organization
  • Proficiently master different types of English writing


Through :

Part 1: Internet Writing

Part 2: Good & Neutral Messaging (3 hours)

Part 3: Bad & Persuasive Messaging


Learn to:

  •  Master essential skills
  •  Improve written communication skills
  •  Write well-organized, clear business documents

Instructor: Dr. Andy

Senior consultant for the United Nations and Organization for the Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)With years of experiences in teaching Business Communication and Project Design and Management workshops in International Corporations in US and many other countries10+ years’ teaching experiences and cross-cultural communication

Professor at American University and G-MEO

With 1000+ students (both Chinese and foreign students)

  • Small-class
  • Learn 4 email topics within 8 hours
  • Two opening templates &15+ real cases study
  • Professional English writing and logic training training
  • Learning group for business people, allowing to communicate with  people from different fields
Added Value
  • Homework feedback — From professor
  • Online tutoring — Teaching assistant will accompany you anytime
  • Certificate of Completion – Upon successful completion of the 4-week course. participants will receive a certificate of completion
  • Reward – Selected top students (finish a 4-week ’s homework, and get the teacher’s praise)will get the prize at the end of the class
Main Outline/Topics of this Course
Email Writing
Envision Your Audience – Cultural Differences
Deductive OpeningsGood News MessageThank You Letter/Email

Requests – Document Analysis
Inductive Openings
Requests – Document Analysis
Denying a Request – Document Analysis
Persuasive Claim – Document Analysis
*Excersise are subject to change*Tentative Class Time2 hour on Saturdays & Sundays for 4 weeks (the specific time can be arranged based on students’ time)
Program Fee
700 RMB/ student for AmCham member1200 RMB/ student for non-AmCham member670 RMB/ student for 3 AmCham members group sale

1170 RMB/ student for 3 non-AmCham member group sale

You can scan the QR code or click “Picture” to register

*Registration Deadline:12:00PM, July 10th, 2020


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