AmCham sincerely invites you to join the online training “PowerPoint for Business Edition Making & Teleconference Presentation”.


Dear AmCham Members and Friends:

AmCham Southwest sincerely invites you to join the online training PowerPoint for Business Edition Making & Teleconference Presentation at 7:30-9:00pm, March 11th (Wednesday), 2020.

Encountered with 2019-nCoV, most companies have resorted to work online. Compared with working in the office, working online relies more on PPT. Under the situation where we cannot ask for help from our colleagues easily, mastering the PPT skills is so important. Ms. Grace Yan, MOS 2013 Master will share some tips on how to transform Word into PPT and make PPT in an easier way, enhance the convey of meanings and perform better with skillful preparations in presentations. The course will provide you the most practical PPT skills which will help you increase the work efficiency and show your professions.


  • Teach you the most practical skills with 15 years’ professional experience
  • Condense 10,000 hours offline teaching experience into 1 hour course
  • Make the most professional, stylish and time-saving PowerPoint

Event Info

  • Time: 7:30-9:00PM, Wednesday, March 11th, 2020

    *Check-in: 7:20-7:30PM

  • Form: Live Course
  • Language: Chinese
  • Price: Free for Members, 60 RMB/Non-Member
  • Registration Deadline: 6:00PM, Wednesday, March 11th, 2020 

Keynote Speaker

Ms. Grace Yan

Microsoft Certified Professional 2013

Bilingual Lecturer of MOS

Experiences of Teaching in Top 500 Companies

Experiences of Teaching on Several We Media Official Account

More than 10,000 of Students

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