AmCham sincerely invites you to join Friday Biz-Chat

Dear AmCham members and friends:
Currently, various uncertain factors are widely to be found in social production and daily business activities. Due to increasingly economic downward pressure faced by enterprises and the intensifying challenges on business operations and resumption of workone of the effective ways for enterprises to seek long-term development is to exchange business information, integrate resources beyond industries, and strengthen communication and cooperation. In order to effectively promote the communication and integration of the same and different industries, AmCham Southwest plans to hold the biweekly “Friday Biz-Chat” from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM on Fridayallowing more than 10 industry member companies, including service and consult, hospitality, finance, medicine, etc., to conduct face-to-face communication, so as to promote its sustainable development. Meanwhile, it is expected to benefit the recovery of the Chinese economy.
Event Highlights
  • Being the bridge between industries within AmCham Southwest
  • Promoting the communication and development among enterprises through sharing the new businesses, so as to forge high-quality, long-term, in-depth, and stable cooperative relationships
  • Improving the current situation that cooperative partners are unable to communicate with each other face to face
  • Representatives from over 10 cross-industry companies will do the topic sharing, including service and consulting, hospitality, finance, medicine, information technology, aviation, education, logistics, etc., storing potential clients efficiently.
Stay Tuned on more Highlights

Event Info

Time: 3:00-5:00PM, Friday, once two weeks.

Venue: To be confirmed (held in member companies in turn)

Price: 60 RMB Per Member; 200RMB Per Non-member

Form: Panel

Attendees:CEOs, senior managers, white-collar workers, foreign businessmen from Fortune 500 companies, international businesses and local well-known enterprises

For more details, please contact:

Vanilla Wu, 028 8526 8761


Sponsorship Invitation

Sponsor of the Year 

 • Over 10,000 prominent guests are to receive invitations, greatly improving the influence of company’s brand name among high-end population, and to generate more than 1 million RMB in advertising value;
 • Boosting the company’s brand image, and help targeting at current and potential customers.


Diamond Sponsor 

RMB 20,000 in Cash (Only one available)
 • Solely entitle the celebration•  Exposure your logo on backdrops & invitations

• Logo placement next to the event name

• Company ads display on stage with rotating slides shows

• Free advertisement on the AmCham magazine (front   cover valued at RMB 30,000)

• Valid for one year, a total of 20 tickets for Friday Biz-Chat

Platinum Sponsor

RMB 5,000 in Cash 
 •  Exposure your logo on backdrops & invitations• Free advertisement on an AmCham magazine (half inside page valued RMB 4000)

• Valid for one year, a total of 5 tickets for Friday Biz-Chat