AmCham Members’ Free Value-added Service|”Latest Updates-Member Promotion” and “About Us- Online Training”

Dear AmCham members and friends,

In order to further expand member companies publicity, promote company information such as recruitment, discounts, updates, enhance business cooperation between member companies, and realize real-time interaction between member companies and friends from all walks of life, AmCham has recently provided two free value-added service —  “Latest Updates-Member Promotion” and “About Us-Online Course”.

Column “Latest Updates-Member Promotion” has presented the latest updates from AmCham members covering around 20 industries, including construction, education, energy, finance, IT, manufacturing, real estate, service&consulting, trade, aviation, healthcare, FMCG, logistics, hospitality etc. *Moreover, three new sections have been added to this column, namely: member update, discount info, job offers,which contribute to further refine the information of member companies, so that friends can get relevant information faster and more accurately.

Column “About Us-Online Course” will provide free online professional seminars on human resources, finance, strategy, business English, laws and regulations and so on.

“Latest Updates-Member Promotion”


If I’m a member of AmCham, how can I publish my company’s latest updates in three different sections?


1. AmCham will create an individual account with a password to each member company.

2. Each member company can log in the system to upload its latest information according to different sections.

3. After your submission and AmCham team’s approval, the information will be displayed in “Latest Updates-Member Promotion-Relevant Section” of AmCham official WeChat.


If I’m a subscriber of AmCham Offical WeChat, how to get the latest company updates?


1. Follow AmCham Official WeChat (“amchamsouthwest”)

2. Click “Latest Updates” in the below menu bar

3. Click “Member Promotion” to get the latest member companies’ updates

4. Click one of the three different sections below “Member Promotion” to browse

5. Click “Category” to browse by industry categories

6. Click “Time” to browse by time

“About Us-Online Course”

If I want to join the online training by AmCham, how can I subscribe?


1. Follow AmCham WeChat Official Account (“amchamsouthwest”).

2. Click “About Us” in the below menu bar and Click “Online Course” to enter the web.

3. Choose the courses you are interested in and pay for it.

  • *AmCham Member Companies’ employees can pre-register the course through the course-related articles from AmCham WeChat Official Account and get the access.
  • *Non-Members can purchase the course through “Online Course” in the below menu bar or through the course-related articles from AmCham WeChat Official Account.

4. After buying the course, click “Online Course” in the below menu car to check if you can enter the course.

  • *Purchase it before 24 hours of the course begin, please check if you can enter the course on the day of the course start.
  • *Purchase it within 24 hours of the course begin, please check if you can enter the course 30 minutes before the course start.
  • *When the time is up, and you cannot join the course, please contact us through E-mail: or Tel: 028-85268761.

AmCham Member Companies’ employees & Non-Members Registration Method


Non-Member Registration Method


To know more about the guideline of member information promotion and online course, please contact AmCham office (telephone: 028-85268763, or email: