AmCham Human Resources Seminar

Human Resources Seminar



The AmCham Human Resource Seminar held by AmCham, Pureliving(Chengdu), and MOS 2013 Master Yan Yan took place in the 6th floor, International Conference Room of the Yanlord Landmark on February 28th, 2017. The event was widely attended and successful in training all of the attendees.

由西南美国商会、净纯环境中国(成都)以及Office 2013认证大师晏艳女士共同举办的美商会人力资源讲座于2017年2月28日在成都仁恒置地广场写字楼顺利举行。

Representatives from member companies such as JLL, GE, Measurement Specialties Inc., and Oracle, and local companies such as International Institute of Education, Global Doctor, and CCG were all active participants in this seminar. The Office Skill Seminar and Indoor Air Quality Training were found to be beneficial to all that attended.


Human Resources Seminar 3/1/2017

Human Resources Seminar 3/1/2017


本次人力资源讲座吸引了来自仲量联行、通用电气、精量电子、甲骨文等美资会员企业和国际私塾、环球医生、中城卫等本土企业的踊跃参加。office 技能和室内空气质量培训话题使得现场反响热烈,会员公司纷纷表示获益良多。

Chris Drew, General Manager of Pureliving (Chengdu), shared his knowledge on the effects of indoor air quality. He explained the origin of PM 2.5, the importance of clean indoor air quality, and the effect that air quality has on recruitment. His presentation allowed the HR managers to better understand how to maintain their talent pool.


Grace Yan, MOS 2013 Master, provided new insight on how to create excel presentations. She compared the creative process to that of applying makeup, emphasizing the need to “delete”“BB Scream”, and “make up”. Each of these steps corresponds to an aspect of excel charts; they demonstrate new ways to use Line, Column, and Pie. The members in attendance gained valuable knowledge in creating user-friendly excel and are looking forward to more Office Skill Seminars in the future.

Office2013认证大师及Office女神公众账号创始人晏艳女士带来了一场别开生面的office技能培训。微软Office图表美颜术技能如同女士上妆般,精髓在于“洗”、“上底妆”和“化妆”。工作中常用的折线图、柱形图和占比图在这种 “美颜”技巧下也运用自如,表现得极简而有效。会员们在晏艳女士现场一对一的指导下颇有收获,并期待更多关于office技能的分享。

AmCham will continue to hold these high-quality yet practical seminars for our members in the future. We are looking forward to the next one!