Corporate Social Responsibility


Long-term business success is dependent upon the success of the community, and AmCham Southwest seeks to encourage and help its members make positive contrutions to the region in which we live and operate. The mission of AmCham Southwest CSR is to inspire, encourage, and facilitate corporate social responsibility awareness and practices among members.

While CSR means different things to different companies, it can be broadly defined as the concept that corporations should voluntarily commit to ethical, responsible business practices, reflecting the interests of all stakeholders in the company’s policies and actions. Key areas of concern include emploee relations, environmental stewardship, community outreach, and corporate governance.

Established for 20 years, AmCham has always devoteditself to charities. By August of 2018, more than 2 million RMB has supported local charitable causes, including children education in proverty-striken areas, post-earthquake eldrly center, leftover children activity center, safe drinking water public welfare project etc. AmCham upholds a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility(CSR) and focuse therse efforts on furthering Southwest China’s development.


Chinese Relief&Development Foundation

The Chinese Relief and Development Foundation was established in June 2010, sponsored by the Sichuan Association for Science and Technology and is registered with the Sichuan Civil Administration Department.


  • AmCham joined the Foundation with Health Care for Left-over children Projectand jointly donated two counselling centers to support children’s healthy growth and development in Jiuyi School, Heitan Village, Nanjiang Country of Bazhong City and Yile Town, Jiang’an Country of Yibin City.


  • AmCham supported the Foundation withSafe Drinking Water Charity Projectin Lizi Village, Nanjiang Country to help the villagers there solve drinking water problems.


  • Actively burdening social responsibilities, AmCham joined the Foundation on relief work after the earthquake in Kangding to collect, transfer supplies at the first time, sincerely expressing the concern to the disaster area.


Hopeful Hearts

Hopeful Heart is a non-profit charity organization, run by a group of Chinese and foreign people since 2009. Hopeful Hearts raises fund to help children from low-income families to receive life saving heart surgery which they could not afford otherwise.

In 2015, AmCham donated 60 percent of the proceeds from the American Independence Day Charity Celebration to Hopeful Hearts. According to representatives from the organization, AmCham’s donation will finance a total of seven or eight surgeries. In 2016, AmCham vistied the Chengdu Cardiac Hospital with Hopeful Hearts. This visit reinforced to AmCham representatives the great work Hopeful Hearts is doing. The organization visits each applicant twice, once before the surgery to verify the family’s financial need, and once afterwards to ensure that the family has the means to return home. In order to give as much as possible to children in need, Hopeful Hearts is run almot entirely by volunteers and does not rent office space, instead operating out of the members’ homes. Nevetheless, AmCham found Hopeful Hearts to be very organized and professional during this visit, diligently checking all the facts with the families and hospital staff.

In 2018 AmCham Independence Day Celebration, AmCham Southwest Officer Charles Cheung announced that AmCham cooperated with Hopeful Hearts and Chengdu Rotary Club to do charities based on the net income of 2017 American Independence Day Celebration. Mrs.Sheri Yoss from Hopeful Heart and Mr.Ryan from Chengdu Rotary Club introduced their growing process and the cooperation opportunity with AmCham Southwest respectively.