A letter to All Members and Friends by AmCham SW Chairman

Dear AmCham Members and Friends,

I am Benjamin Wang, the chairman of AmCham Southwest.

This Spring Festival is unforgettable for everyone. Since the novel coronavirus has out broken in China at the end of 2019, this emergency public health event caught us all. Personally, I am also keeping an eye on the news in Chengdu. First of all, on behalf of AmCham Southwest, I wish to extend my paramount respect and gratitude to fellow countrymen fighting at the frontlines as well as cordial greetings and concerns to our members and friends.  

The American Chamber of Commerce has rooted in southwest China for more than 20 years, which commits to promote communications and developments through economy, trade and culture between China and America. During the novel coronavirus outbreak, we proactively take effort in the prevention and controling work by following up on news updating closely with our member companies, assisting some members timely or directly supporting relevant provincial and municipal authorities in their work to contain the spread of virus.

Through AmCham SW official media channels, we have collected and launched member companies’ donations and measures during this outbreak. I want to emphasize, in those incomplete report, our members have donated cash and needed goods valued hundreds of millions of RMB in total. I believe this number will ascent continually. Meanwhile, we are trying to learn the situation, challenges, measures and suggestions of returning to work from our member companies, so as to provide better, more efficient and targeted services to our members combining with their demands. Also, we are looking forward to member companies’ kindly feedbacks.

The effective measures taken by Chinese government are praiseworthy. I believe under the leadership of the government and the efforts of our  fellows, the hard time will pass and the balmy spring will certianly come. AmCham Southwest will firmly forge ahead with all the members. Please contact us through telephone 028-8526 8761 or email amcham@amcham-southwest.org if we can provide any help to you.