4/30 News Updates | Control and Prevention on COVID-19

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In order to help serve and protect you during the Coronavirus outbreak, AmCham Southwest China will regularly disseminate firsthand, up-to-date, professional and official information as they become available. 


Notice on Update of International Version of the Health QR Code Program

April 28th, 2020To make it more direct, we have upgraded the International Version of the Health QR Code, increasing different colors to show different situations.

Under the COVID-19 outbreak, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs again advises that Chinese citizens overseas evaluative the risks of cross infection and discourage nonessential travels. Those Chinese citizens overseas need to return to China from relevant countries in the near future should strictly follow the requirements announced by Chinese government, truthfully fill the personal information through International Version of the Health QR Code. Please pay close attention to the status of the health code after each report (including the corresponding color, effective continuous reporting time and whether there is a logo of airplane). If you need re-planning the itinerary, please contact the airline as soon as possible to refund and change the ticket.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China

Source:WeChat Official Account “China Consular Affairs”


Several Issues to be Noted when Transferring at South Korea

April 26th, 2020Embassy of People’s Republic of China in the Republic of Korea


Recently, many Chinese citizens flied back to their home countries via South Korea. Many people encountered accidents like cancellations of subsequent flight, fail to continue their trips due to oversold tickets, etc. As a result, they were stranded in the isolation area of Incheon International Airport, South Korea, at least 1-3 days, or 7-10 days.

In the current epidemic situation, the Embassy of P.R.C in the Republic of Korea reminds you to minimize movement and avoid long-distance travel. If you really need to transfer, you must learn in advance the latest information such as airports, flights, visas, etc. and make sufficient preparations. Please pay attention to the following issues that need to be noted when transferring at South Korea recently:


1. Under what circumstances can I transfer back to my country via South Korea?

Currently, persons without a Korean visa and holding C1 and C3 visas issued by South Korea before April 5th can only transit through South Korea without leaving the airport. It is recommended that you purchase an Interline ticket and apply for direct baggage. If failed to purchase an Interline ticket, it is recommended to plan the itinerary, purchase tickets in stages (the interval should be within 24 hours), confirm the itinerary issues with the airline and the airport, and handle the direct baggage check (consult with the carrier of the previous itinerary, if the baggage is not exceeded, no additional fee is required).


2. Do I need to fill in the health code when transferring  at  South Korea?

At present, Chinese passengers departing from 27 countries are required to fill in the health code continuously within 14 days before boarding, but not from countries outside the 27 countries.

27 countries: Italy, the United States, Spain, Germany, Austria, Iran, Belgium, France, Portugal, South Korea, Turkey, Switzerland, Canada, the United Kingdom, Israel, the Netherlands, Ireland, Norway, Philippines, Sweden, Russia, Australia, Malaysia, Brazil, Denmark , Czech Republic, Thailand.

Note: The list of relevant countries may change, please pay attention to the health code and fill in the latest information to ensure that the health code meets the boarding requirements.


3. What should I do if the subsequent flight is canceled suddenly, or the airline ticket is oversold and cannot be boarded, resulting in a stranded airport?

If this unfortunately happens and you are stuck at the airport, please contact the airline as soon as possible to help you coordinate the change of the latest date of your return ticket. Staying in the quarantine area for an extended period of time may result in deportation back to your place of departure.


4.If I need to spend the night at the airport, can I stay in the transit area?

Yes, there are transit hotels in the quarantine area.

Note: Due to the large number of people needing to transfer recently, Incheon Airport Transit Hotel is often full of guests, it is recommended that you book in advance. T1 terminal reservation telephone: + 82-32-743-3000, T2 terminal reservation telephone: + 82-32-743-3040.


5. Frequently used telephones for connecting flights:

Incheon International Airport Customer Service Center:


Incheon International Airport Transfer Consultation (Chinese): 032-741-0061

The Korean Ministry of Justice’s immigration policy consultation telephone: 1345

Language Translation Service Tel: 1588-5644 or 02-120 to 9

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Global Consular Protection and Service Emergency Hotline (24 hours): + 86-10-12308 or + 86-10-59913991

Consular Protection and Assistance of the Embassy in Korea Tel: 02-755-0572


English translation is only a reference.