2017 White Paper Release Celebration and Summer Mixer

AmCham Southwest held its 2017 White Paper Celebration and Summer Mixer at the Jinjiang Hotel on Thursday, May 25th, 2017. This event invited leaders from both Chinese and foreign enterprises, officers from Chinese and foreign governments, and AmCham members to attend. It celebrated the release of our annual White Paper, and hosted keynote speakers who had contributed to the Chengdu Chapter to present their industry specific opinions and suggestions.


The 2017 American Business in China White Paper represents the views of AmCham China members; it focuses on trade and commercial issues that impact their business operations in China, and serves to establish a policy platform for the coming year. The White Paper addresses how Chengdu has emerged as one of southwest China’s international economic hubs, has continued to perform well economically, and ranks highest in the region for import/export volume and the number of annual passengers and cargo that pass through its international airport. Chengdu owes its successful development, in part, to its strategic location in Southwest China. An integral part of China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative to connect China with greater Eurasia, the city has benefited from continued government investment


The White Paper also reports that Chengdu still has ongoing issues: limited market information, slow acceptance of technological innovation, and a lack of foreign talents. Regarding these issues, the White Paper offers direct suggestions and advice to both the Sichuan and Chengdu government.



The White Paper Release Celebration had the honor of hosting several keynote speakers that are experts in their field. Eli Sweet, the Vice Chairman of AmCham Southwest and General Manager of Sinostage Entertainment Company, opened the evening by introducing the White Paper, explaining its purpose and drafting process. The first keynote speaker was Chris Drew, General Manager of PureLiving, who discussed the importance of indoor air quality and the way the industry is currently progressing in Chengdu. Chris was followed by Eric Tsui, an Officer of AmCham’s Board of Governors and Managing Director of Rheem (China) Water Heater Co. Ltd. Eric shared his expertise in the manufacturing field as he discussed both positive and negative trends as well as offering specific solutions. Next was Frank Ma, Head of Research, West China at JLL, who discussed recent developments in the real estate industry and offered recommendations to the government on how to sustain the industry’s momentum going forward. The last speaker of the night was Lawrence A. Samuelson, President of the Samuelson Company, who closed by presenting the challenges and developments of Chengdu’s Real Estate Development Consulting Industry.


此次晚宴中,西南美商会邀请了五位行业专家针对成都经济的关键领域发表了精彩的演讲。中国西南美国商会副会长、美国舞邦文化传播有限公司总经理史君向各位来宾介绍了白皮书的写作历程和目的。境纯中国成都总经理樊浩洋强调了室内空气质量的重要性,并展示了成都绿色技术的发展现状。中国西南美国商会常务理事、瑞美(中国)热水器有限公司中国区董事总经理崔晓亮给来宾介绍了制造行业的趋势。仲量联行华西区研究部负责人马伟业讨论了房产行业的趋势,并提出了保持房产行业强劲势头的建议。桑木深设计有限公司总经理劳伦斯 A.桑木深讨论了地产咨询行业的挑战与发展。


The White Paper not only reports on the business environment in China, but creates a cooperative platform for enterprises and Chinese and American governments. AmCham Southwest is looking forward to continuing its cooperation with both governments and members so as to build a more competitive and mutually beneficial business environment.



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