AmCham Annual General Meeting and 20th Anniversary New Year Celebration 2016

Dear AmCham members and friends,

AmCham Southwest sincerely invites you to attend Annual General Meeting and 20 Anniversary New Year Celebration on  January 10th 2017,

Tuesday evening.   There are currently over 200 confirmed attendees including representatives from top companies operating in Southwest China, CEOs from

Fortune 500 companies, major media and officers of foreign Consulates in Chengdu and Chinese governments.

Time: 6:00pm-9:30pm

Add: Shouzuo 1, 5th Floor, Chengdu Marriott Hotel Financial Centre, No.999 Tianfu Avenue North, High-Tech Zone Chengdu

Tickets:200 RMB/Person(Member) 350 RMB/Person (Non-member)

 Event Summary:

1. One of AmCham’s most important and highest-caliber events to present annual reports of 2016 AmCham events and to decide the formation of new 2017 Board of Governors voted by  Fortune Global 500’s CEOs and managers, such as Oracle, Tesla, Dell, Jabil, Intel, United airlines, JP Morgan, HSBC, Citibank, KPMG, PWC and GE and Chevron,

2.International and local well-known enterprises representatives’ participation,

3.On-site programs with a combination of  Chinese and Western elements , such as children’s ballet, Sichuan face-changing opera, a fabulous twirl performance, live band performances,

4.Five-star hotel’s rich buffet dinner with various and inviting gourmet food and beverages,

5.On-site lucky draws with prizes valued at more than RMB50000, including China-US return flight tickets sponsored by United Airlines and Hainan Airlines as well as room and buffet vouchers from prestigious five-star hotels in Chengdu,

6.Nice New Year gifts offered by AmCham and sponsors.

 For reservations, please contact or 28. 8526 8761






 时间:6:00pm-9:30pm, 2017年1月10日周二晚





2. 世界、本土知名企业商业领袖和首席代表将出席;

3. 现场中西合璧的精彩节目,婀娜多姿的儿童芭蕾秀、妙趣叠生的川剧变脸,衣袂飘飘的水袖舞蹈、古典摇滚的乐队表演等为您带来新年来临之际最华丽的视觉盛宴





  席位有限,预定速从: or 28. 8526 8761