AmCham Thanksgiving Dinner Party 2016

On the evening of Thursday, Nov. 17th, 2016, AmCham Southwest’s AmCham Thanksgiving Dinner Party: Meet the U.S. Consulate took place at the Chengdu Jinjiang Hotel. Thanksgiving is an American holiday focusing on gratitude, and at this event, AmCham expressed sincere gratitude to our members who have given us strong and ongoing support.

Mr. Raymond Greene, the CG of the U.S. Consulate and new officers from economic, political and visa departments attended the party. Numerous guests attended the Thanksgiving Dinner Party, including officials from the Sichuan government, and executives from Fortune 500 and Sichuan elite companies. The new officers from U.S. Consulate introduced their responsibilities to the attendees, which helped answer many of our members’ questions as well as further enhancing the cooperation between AmCham and U.S. Consulate. During the event, music and dance performances and lucky draw prizes added festive color to this special night.

As the biggest and most influential foreign chamber in southwest China, AmCham currently has more than 300 members, most of which are Fortune 500 companies and elite Sichuan companies. AmCham continues to thrive with our members’ continuous support. In the following years, AmCham will continue to work hard at enhancing US-China economic relations and will spare no efforts to provide the greatest service to our members.