July 4th Independence Day Charity Celebration and Appreciation Party 2016

On the evening of August 26, 2016 AmCham Southwest members and supporters met at the Hilton Chengdu to attend the Appreciation Party for this year’s Independence Day Charity Celebration.

The night started off with music and a video compilation of the 2016 Independence Day Charity Celebration Event held the previous month. The vice Chairman of AmCham, Eli Sweet took to the stage to give an optimistic speech about the current events affecting local businesses. Sweet highlighted AmCham’s charity efforts and thanked the sponsors for their long-time support. To recognize our sponsors, AmCham presented a representative from each sponsor organization with a certificate commemorating their charitable contribution and dedication to the Independence Day Celebration. Representatives were called to the stage to take photos with Sweet and AmCham’s General Manager, Nicole Xue upon accepting their appreciation certificates.

After the awards ceremony, guests were invited to stay for the dinner party and enjoy drinks, generously provided by the Hilton Chengdu. Once again, AmCham wants to thank our sponsors and member companies for their dedication and support—we are the business community of Chengdu.