United Airlines Launches SME Program

United Airlines Simple:For small and medium enterprises in China

A global network, upfront value and flexibility: UA Simple addresses your travel needs all in one package.

UA Simple is a corporate travel program designed for small and medium-sized companies, for business travel marketed or operated by United to North America.

To participate in this program, companies simply use their unique company designer (Tour Code) on tickets booked and issued through their travel agent (SME TMC). Upfront discounts are applied every time a company’s eligible employees travel on United. For details please refer to United at apac-sme@united.com.

Program participation is open to companies based in China for tickets purchased in and travel originating from China or Hong Kong.

Upfront savings
 For small and medium-sized business, controlling costs is a priority. With UA Simple, you can enjoy discounts on select fare classes for international flights.
 Companies may earn select United Traveler Amenities based on their flown revenue in the first year, including United Club SM one-time passes, MileagePlus® Premier®Gold memberships and Global Premier Upgrades.
Additional benefits:
 Upfront discounts and no commitment on travel spend.
 A comprehensive trans-Pacific network on United, with hubs in the four largest cities in the United States and connections to more than 227 destinations in the U.S and other cities in Canada.
 An industry-leading frequent flyer program that provided more opportunities to earn and redeem miles worldwide.

To receive more information or request a meeting with a United sales representative, please email us at apac-sme@united.com Tel: 028-6872 8699

美联航推出中国中小型企业差旅计划 为您的中小型企业商务旅行获取更多益处

具有覆盖全球网络的优势、附加价值及超强灵活性:UA Simple整合计划解决您所有的出行需求

UA Simple是针对中小型企业制定,由美联航承运飞抵北美的一线公司差旅管理计划。
公司只需通过其指定旅行社购买机票,在票上表明唯一公司识别码(Tour Code),即可参与本计划。参与本计划的公司员工每次乘坐美联航航班出行,可享受协议折扣。了解详细信息,请发送邮件至apac-sme@united.com进行咨询。

 对于中小型企业来说,成本控制是重中之重。凭借UA Simple差旅计划,乘坐国际航班制定的舱位等级,可享受折扣。
 根据公司第一年的飞行航段里程,可赢取制定的每行旅客优待,包括美联航贵宾室一次性入场券、前程万里(MileagePlus®)贵宾金卡(Premier® Gold)会籍和全球贵宾升舱券。

 协议折扣及无最低旅行费用限制。
 美联航全方位的跨太平洋航线网络、航空枢纽设于美国四大城市、通往美国多达227座城市及加拿大其他城市。
 行业领先的常旅客飞行计划,在全球范围内为旅客提供更多机会赢取并兑换里程数。


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