Seminar:Capital Preservation and Appreciation in the Global Era

Capital Preservation and Appreciation in the Global Era

AmCham would like to invite you to attend an afternoon seminar on Capital Preservation and Appreciation in the Global Era on Wednesday, Dec. 23rd. At this seminar, experts from Henry Group will analyze the concurrence of the Chinese RMB depreciation and US dollar appreciation. The panelists will present opportunities available to Chinese investors in this environment and offer suggestions on how best to realize those opportunities. We hope to see you there!
Mr.Romb Yang is a vice president and senior consultant at Henry Group and the general manager of the Chengdu office. He emigrated to North America in 2004 and worked in the U.S. and Canada for many years, building expertise in immigration, overseas investment, and study abroad services.
Henry Group Global Consulting specializes in immigration services for those seeking to study abroad or relocate to Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and other countries. Their team of experts includes immigration attorneys, CPAs, former immigration officials, and consultants.
Date : 2:00 – 5:00 pm, Wednesday, December 23thPrice: Free of ChargeEmail:amcham@amcham-southwest.orgTel :(028) 8526-8761Address : 2nd Floor, The Metropolis Sale center      No.38 Tangba street, Jinjiang District(Metro Line 2,Dongmen Bridge Station)




亨瑞集团(Henry Group)成立于1992年,经过二十多年的深耕、探索和积累,目前在移民留学、北美地产开发、基金投资、北美置业等多个领域内发展成为具有丰富经验和竞争优势的多元化跨国集团。亨瑞集团具备境内外多重移民留学资质,是目前美、加、英、澳等境内外移民留学收案最多、成功率最高,在移民留学行业中享有盛誉的专业移民留学代理机构。日期: 下午2:00 – 5:00,12月23日星期三
价格:免费参加报名邮件:amcham@amcham-southwest.org报名电话:(028) 8526-8761地址 :恒大都汇华庭售楼部2楼VIP厅  锦江区镗钯街38号(地铁2号线,东门大桥站附近)