Event Review | AmCham Post COVID-19 Pandemic ‘Beyond Boundary’—Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainable Development Webinar

On May 21st, 2020, AmCham Southwest China has successfully held the “Post COVID-19 Pandemic ‘Beyond Boundary’—Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainable Development” Webinar at Hilton Chengdu. Due to the COVID-19, the event has been carried out online and offline. AmCham Southwest specially invited Jim Mullinax, Consul General from U.S. Consulate General in Chengdu, andseven corporate social responsibility organizers from various industries to attend this webinar. They exchanged their insights on how should companies resume their development while shouldering social responsibility to exert influence in the post-epidemic period, to vitalize the society with cross boundary innovation, so as to strike the balance between profit and corporate social responsibility. This webinar attracted dozens of AmCham members and many CEOs and senior managers from Fortune 500 companies and local well-known enterprises, including 3M, Chongqing Kohler Engines Ltd., COFCO Coca-Cola Beverage (Sichuan) Co., Dell Technologies Ltd., GIA, Intel Products (Chengdu) Ltd., Laowai Here, SheLeads, Synnex, The Temple House, TI, United Airlines, etc.

At the beginning of the Webinar, AmCham Southwest Chairman Benjamin Wang and Consul General of U.S. Consulate General in Chengdu Jim Mullinax gave their greetings respectively. Benjamin Wang outlined the contributions on prevention and control of the pandemic by AmCham Southwest and member companies since the post COVID-19 period and its future working directions on corporate social responsibility. Consul General of U.S. Consulate General Jim Mullinax shared forward-looking views from the government’s perspective, and called on more companies to take on social corporate responsibility as much as possible while pursuing their own development.

Then, on the witness of all the guests online and offline, “AmCham CSR Alliance” has officially launched. “Share, Build and Promote” are the key missions to initiate the alliance. AmCham would like to spare no effort to contribute to the community and involve more parties to generalize the corporate social responsibility, furthermore promote our members and partner companies or organizations’ sustainable development. All keynote speakers shared their wishes to the alliance:

   Jim Mullinax

Congratulations on the launching of AmCham CSR Alliance. I hope that this alliance can promote more enterprises to make greater contributions in social development, and I also encourage more enterprises to take corporate social responsibility as their goal to help communities, cities, and countries develop better.

Benjamin Wang

It’s a pleasure that “AmCham CSR Alliance” has officially launched on the witness of you all. I hope that AmCham will play a more important role in corporate social responsibility and more companies to be part of it. Here, I would like to thank all members of AmCham Southwest for their great support

  Susan Yu

Making contributions to corporate social responsibility, we’re in.

Joan Xu

As one of the members of the alliance, we are here together to share and learn.  Shoulder by shoulder, we’ll make tomorrow better and better.

Jessie Ma

This pandemic helps us realize that we’re not alone. We’re here today together. We hope that we can leverage CSR activities and fight together the pandemic.


Congratulations on the successful launching of the alliance. The rise and fall of the country is the responsibility of everyone. Although the pandemic has increased our social distance, I believe that only by working together can companies overcome difficulties.

Anita Lai

I wish that the CSR alliance can develop well in the future, just like the rising power of the office lady.

Zhao Yimei

Better business environment, better society we’ll bulid.

   Rosie Chawla

My wish for this alliance is that this group gets bigger. I wish we do more and grow more.

Next, seven keynote speakers shared their thoughts on the topics of CSR cases on multinational companies and local well-known companies, how to strike the balance between business operation and corporate social responsibility, and the development trend of corporate responsibility and influence as well as new measures and expectations.

Topic 1: CSR Case Sharing


Director of Business Development, Hilton Hotel Chengdu

During the post COVID-19, Hilton Chengdu has firmly guaranteed the safety of hotel guests and team members, developed contactless takeaways, participated in the public chopsticks alliance, etc., constantly spreading positive energy.


Anita Lai

Founder of SheLeads

In response to the theme of 2020 IWD #EachForEqual, paying tribute to female medical staff who are fighting on the front line, SheLeads,  joined hands with AmCham Southwest, made donations to the female medical staff of the Central Hospital of Wuhan–the severe epidemic-stricken area on April 27th, 2020, hoping that SheLeads can convey positive value to the society.


Jessie Ma

TI Communications Manager

Corporate Communications Dept.

During the post period of pandemic, TI has figured out the virtual way to protect our earth and our environment, launching the  environment protection project “21 Days, Go Greener”. According to statistics, this event totally involved 411 employees and received 2449 photos of “your ideas about Green” and 117 encouragements from employees.

Susan Yu

CSR Project Manager of Dell Chengdu Co. ltd.

 Case sharing of Dell who continues to actively fulfill its corporate social responsibilities in China, including the establishment of Dell Learning Center, cash and material donations, etc.. In addition, it was pointed out that environmental protection, youth education, and helping disadvantaged groups are the development priorities of Dell 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility in Chengdu.

Topic 2: How to Strike the Balance Between Profit and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Joan Xu

Intel China PA Edu &CSR  Manager

  • Intel’s response to COVID-19;
  • Internal and external challenges under COVID-19 Pandemic;
  • Intel CD volunteer strategy and practice;
  • Innovative and initiatives volunteer cases;
  • Intel RISE Strategy

Rosie Chawla

Global projects advisor in Usaedu

  • Impact of COVID-19 Globally & China;
  • Education sector highlights;
  • Spot and undertake corporate social responsibility;
  • Reminder on the second round of infection

Topic 3: The Development Trend of Corporate Responsibility and Influence and New Measures to Promote its Development.

Zhao Yimei

General Manager and Founder of Yunshang Pastoral

On the basis of making full use of idle urban green space resources, Yunshang Pastoral, an urban natural education system, allows urban children to contact deeply with nature at their doorstep. During the post COVID-19, Yunshang Pastoral has changed the concept of development and promoted social sustainable development.

We would like to thank Heralex Communications Ltd. and Hilton Chengdu for their tremendous supports,all the keynote speakers for their hard working and excellent sharing, and all the AmCham members and friends for their active participation. AmCham will further explore ways to combine online and offline to promote communication and exchanges among members. Please stay tuned to the upcoming events of AmCham Southwest.