About Us

The American Chamber of Commerce in Southwest China is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that promotes commerce and investment between the United States and Southwest China. Established in 1988, AmCham Southwest has grown into the largest and most influential foreign chamber of commerce in Southwest China. Our Board of Governors and members have made significant strides in furthering AmCham Southwest’s mission to increase U.S.-China trade, facilitate cooperation between U.S. and Chinese companies, build relationships with U.S. and Chinese government bodies in Southwest China, and promote corporate social responsibility. The Chamber maintains strong relations with the American Consulate in Chengdu to help foster vibrant and constructive commercial relations between the U.S. and Southwest China.
Over the past years, the AmCham family has expanded to more than 300 members, which include Fortune 500 companies, foreign enterprises, and well-known Chinese businesses. At the request from members hoping to pursue expanding business opportunities in the region, we established a branch office in Chongqing in 2009.

AmCham Mission and Goals

  • To increase U.S. – China trade, and enhance U.S. – China economic relations.
  • To help U.S. businesses in Southwest China identify, discuss, and work towards common interests.
  • To build relationships with U.S. and Chinese government entities in Southwest China, and provide a platform for U.S. businesses to interact with them.
  • To promote corporate social responsibility and support local charitable activities

The AmCham Board of Governors directs AmCham with the aim of furthering these goals. The voting members of AmCham Southwest elect the Board of Governors each year. The Board consists of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, VP-Administration, VP-Programs & Activities, VP-Treasurer, six Governors, and two Auditors.

AmCham Activities

  • Seminars and workshops on topics of interest to the membership
  • Joint events with the U.S. Consulate in Chengdu which allow members to communicate with U.S. officials
  • Socials and networking events designed to build relationships among the business community
  • Delegations to cities within the region to explore investment opportunities
  • Fund-raising events and charitable contributions to strengthen the local community




  •  促进中美贸易往来,加强中美经济联系
  •  帮助美国企业在中国西南地区寻找共同利益,磋商并为之共同努力
  •  帮助会员企业同美国驻成都总领事馆、四川地方政府保持紧密关系,促进双方的友好交流
  •  承担企业社会责任,支持西南地区慈善事业